Work methods

Every form of counseling, coaching or psychotherapy stands and falls with the human relationship between the counselor and the counsel-seeker. In my eyes it is therefore of the utmost importance to win the confidence of my clients through reliability and professional expertise, as well as by a comprehensive consideration of medical, psychological and – upon the  explicit wish of the client – Christian-spiritual aspects. 

During the first five hours a “getting to know each other” takes place, accompanied by a medical examination and a detailed exploration of your personal requests, projects, problems, wishes and expectations. According to the results of these first encounters, we would ponder together about the best options for you, be they in an individual, group or family centered setting, etc.  

Although I am not a particular “fan” of pharmaceuticals and have rather the tendency of giving the lowest reasonable dosis if at all, I must admit that pharmaceuticals can be a great help. That is the truth. The initiation, continuation or finalization of a prescription-drug treatment can be made an object of the therapy – given the appropriate indication and in accord with the patient. 

A therapist who is proficient in several counseling procedures and can combine these effectively (e.g. cognitive-behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal therapy, etc.) often has better chances of accomplishing a successful counseling – this is the integrative approach. The integrative approach permits me to adapt to the individual necessities/wishes of my clients in a highly flexible manner.