The first points of orientation for my billing statements are your possibilities and your necessities. Guideline values are the honorary recommendations for private consultants of the medical association in Salzburg as well as the German GOÄ. 

Given an adequate indication (i.e. a well founded diagnosis) private health insurance providers as well as adjuvant insurance providers will generally bear the treatment expenses – either partially or totally, depending on your contract. Regional health insurance providers in Austria will refund you up to 80% of the contracted fees for statutory physicians. Health insurance providers expect a detailed application for the assumption of costs for further sessions. 

If you have a private/adjuvant health insurance the reimbursement of your expenses depends on your contract with your insurance provider. Before you begin the therapy please inquire if your insurance provider will bear the costs of psychiatric/psychotherapeutic treatment and if a special application is necessary.  

Unfortunately insurance providers will not reimburse Coaching.

PDF file - Honorarium